AN939 AN Fittings


AN939 Internal Thread Tube 90 Deg. Elbow. (S/S By SAE-AS5190, 29 SEP 2000). AN Fittings come in different types and sizes including: AN804, AN805, AN806, AN807, AN814, AN815, AN816, AN817, AN818, AN819, AN821, AN822, AN824, AN827, AN832, AN833, AN834, AN837, AN838, AN893, AN894, AN919, AN929, AN938, AN939. AN939 AN939 (REV. 7) (NOTICE 1), AIR FORCE-NAVY AERONAUTICAL STANDARD, ELBOW, TUBE, INTERNAL THREAD, 90 DEG. (29 SEP 2000) [S/S BY SAE-AS5190]

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