Mil Spec Fasteners

Mil Spec Fasteners available from Diamond Fasteners include:

Mil Spec Bolts

We stock almost all types of Mil Spec Bolts like Carriage bolts, stove bolts, toggle bolts, step bolts, hex bolts, flow elevator bolts, stud bolts, turned eye bolts, square bolts, expansion bolts, foundation/hook bolts, etc. These Mil Spec Fasteners are designed to provide maximum strength and durability even in the most adverse conditions. The bolts have a special anti-corrosive coating to prevent any damage from harsh elements and exposure. Contact Us to find out more.

Mil Spec Nuts

We also manufacture a variety of Mil Spec Nuts that can be used in a number of applications. The nuts are designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear that is prevalent in extreme climates and provide maximum reliability and durability. The nuts are specially designed to give hassle free performance for a long time. We have a variety of Mil Spec Fasteners like Hex Machine Screws, Metal Lock, Fiber Lock, Stamped Wing, Pallet, Forged Wing, Hex Finished, Regular Castle, Weld, Acorn or Cap nuts and Regular Square nuts. Contact Us to find out more.

Diamond Fasteners also has mil spec screws and mil spec washers available as well.

All parts are available with full certifications and dfar compliant 252.225-7014

Diamond Fasteners is an ISO certified company. Click here to see our certifications.