MS17829 Selflocking Nuts


MS17829 Mil-Spec Self Locking Hex Sheet Nut, Regular Height (Non Metallic Insert) 250 Deg. F, Corrosion Resistant Steel (S/S by NASM17829 6 JAN 1995) Military Standard Self Locking Nuts are available in several sizes and types; other standards include: MS14145, MS14164, MS14182, MS14222, MS14491, MS16228, MS17829, MS17830, MS21042, MS21043, MS21044, MS21045, MS21046, MS21083, MS21084, MS21085, MS21133, MS21224, MS21225, MS21245, NAS1291, NAS577, NAS578: MS17829 MS17829E, MILITARY SPECIFICATION SHEET, NUT, SELF-LOCKING, HEXAGON, REGULAR HEIGHT, 250 DEG. F., (NON METALLIC INSERT) NON-CORROSION-RESISTANT STEEL (30 JAN 1987) [S/S BY NASM17829]

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