Reduce your fastener costs by up to 82%.

Align your manufacturing process from the boardroom to the manufacturing floor with a vendor managed inventory program from Diamond Fasteners.

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The Diamond Difference™

The Integration Investigation Icon Homepage

1. The Integration Investigation™

Define your goals, and set out to meet them.

The Touch AnalyzerD39 50x47

2. The Touch Analyzer™

Discovering the journey from the supplier to the finished product.

The Simplifier ModelerD51 50x47

3. The Simplifier Modeler™

Understand your production process like never before.

The Process Connector Icon Homepage

4. The Process Connector™

Unify your current and future methods of doing business.

The Direction Deployment Icon Homepage

5. The Direction Deployment™

Initiate alignment throughout your business.

The Accountabillity Assurance Tool Icon Homepage

6. The Accountability Assurance™ Tool

Stay connected to your strategy; stay competitive in your space.

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